New Orleans City Park (Images of America)

1964 - The Beatles at City Park Stadium


The stadium hosted the fist AFL exhibition game held in New Orleans, organized by Jack DeFee and promoted by Dave Dixon to demonstrate local fan support for major-league football. It pitted the New England Patriots against the Houston Oilers in 1962. The Beatles performed on September 16, 1964 and in 1965 the stadium was renamed in honor of Frank "Tad" Gormley shortly after his death. Delgado was renamed New Orleans Museum of Art in 1971. In 1992 Tad Gormley Stadium was renovated to host U S Olympic Track & Field Trials and Alerion Field was restored. The following year the City Park Softball Quadroplex was built. In 1973:Pan American Stadium was dedicated. The Botanical Garden Education Pavilion was designed and the amusement area gift shop opened in 1993 followed by the Pavilion of the Two Sister in 1994 and the Lath House in 1997.

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