Legendary Locals of Metairie

David Ferrie

This website contains excerpts along with some of the 172 photographs in Legendary Locals of Metairie (Arcadia Publishing, 2013) by Catherine Campanella.
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In a 1963 interview with the FBI, David William Ferrie (who was alleged to have been involved in a conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy) stated that he was employed by G. Wray Gill as an investigator. He lived at 331 Atherton Drive in Old Metairie. From that same address he was charged in August 1961 with extortion, intimidation, threats, and five counts of indecent behavior with juveniles.

In1961 Gordon Novel (pictured n the right in 2007) and his wife drove from their residence at 124 Lake Avenue to David Ferrie's home from which they drove to Houma, stole ammunition,explosives, and aerial devices then returned – storing most of it at Ferrie's house allegedly for use to aid anti-Castro Cubans. He later caused a stir when he admitted to a night-launching of an 18 foot florescent balloon over the area – apparently one of the stolen goods. (UPI.)


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